Estate Planning

Own nothing, Control everything…

Putting your property into a private trust can provide numerous benefits for estate planning, asset protection, and financial management. A trust is a legal instrument that allows you to transfer ownership of your assets to a trustee, who will manage and distribute them according to your wishes. Here are some key benefits of placing your property into a private trust:

Asset protection: When you transfer your property to a trust, it becomes separate from your personal assets and can be protected from potential creditors or legal action against you. If you face a lawsuit or other financial difficulties, the assets in the trust may be shielded from these claims.

Estate planning: Trusts offer several benefits for estate planning, including the ability to distribute your assets to your beneficiaries in a tax-efficient manner. Trusts can help minimize estate taxes and avoid the probate process, which can be costly and time-consuming. A trust can also provide ongoing management and oversight of your assets, ensuring that they are distributed to your beneficiaries according to your wishes.

Control: With a trust, you can specify how and when your assets are distributed to your beneficiaries. This allows you to retain a degree of control over your assets, even after you have passed away. You can also appoint a trustee to manage your assets and ensure that they are distributed according to your wishes.

Privacy: Unlike a will, the details of a trust can remain private. This can be especially important if you have concerns about protecting the privacy of your financial affairs or the identity of your beneficiaries.

Flexibility: Trusts can be customized to suit your specific needs and objectives. They can be structured in a way that provides for ongoing management and oversight of your assets, and can be used to accomplish a variety of estate planning goals.

Avoiding probate: Probate is the legal process of distributing your assets after you pass away. This process can be time-consuming and expensive, and can tie up your assets for months or even years. A trust can help you avoid probate by transferring ownership of your assets to the trust, allowing them to be distributed to your beneficiaries without the need for probate.

A Trust for probate avoidance, is a Lawful, Irrevocable, Separate legal entityHarwood vs. Tracy, 118 MA 631

The court held that the trust was valid and that the assets held in the trust were not subject to probate. The court also noted that the trustee had the power to sell or dispose of the trust assets as needed to carry out the terms of the trust, and that the trustee’s actions were not subject to the control of the probate court.

Further advantages: Should you need to go into long term care the council would NOT be able to put a charge on the property and force the sale of it.

In conclusion, placing your property into a private trust can provide numerous benefits for estate planning, asset protection, and financial management. The specific benefits of a trust will depend on your individual circumstances and goals.

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Thanks ever so much for your time and patience in setting up my common law contract pure trust. The trust is outstanding, covers all bases and all back doors. Love the fact it’s international as well. For the work you put into the trust you should be charging more. Much appreciated take care. Andrew Smith

The way I frame having a Private Family Trust is that, Legally, I now own nothing and I’m happy.

I pondered working with John for a good 4 months after a friend recommended him saying, “I’ve found the guy, The Trust expert, you need look no further.” And, he trusted him implicitly.

I have to agree, I class John as a mate now, having had multiple conversations lasting as is usual with him, hours and all since the completion of his work and any obligation he felt towards me.

To top it off, I see my Trust as a working, practical document, a minefield of information, something I can actually use and recite from should I need to. A joy to read and gain continual insight from. I now know my family and I are fully protected and ready, in law, for any attempted overreach.

The work you do is bang on the money. Cheers A. Munrow

I have known for a long time that this was the right thing to do. How can you work hard all your life to build up some form of equity to pass onto your loved one’s and have most of it taken away by parasites disguised as government officials!

I have personally been looking long and hard for the right company to set up my trust. I didn’t want a trust that was sold to you by a solicitor in the legalese system that ended up being worthless. I wanted a proper Private Expressed Family Trust.

I found The Trust Works and went straight to their website, most of the information I needed was there, I quickly phoned them and had a chat with them, and they confirmed my beliefs in exactly what I wanted. I booked a 1hr Skype call to cover everything I needed to know and made some notes.

I made my mind up straight away and decided to go for the full package a family trust, setting up of my own business and full support throughout the whole process, ensuring everything was watertight. I must say this has been one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time. The support has been tremendous, and no stone has been left unturned. I feel confident with my trust going forward. Thanks to John and his team for their outstanding work. James

I‘ve had a number of goes at these trusts and The Trust Works are undoubtedly head and shoulders above the rest. It is a legal manual you could take to court with you if need be not just a few pages of legal diatribe. P Hicks.